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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Quote from Albert Einstein "Imagination vs. Knowledge"

"Imagination is more important than Knowledge."

I think this quote means so much to me as a jewelry designer for so many reasons. I start off to make something using a blank table. I then add all the varieties of my beads, their shapes, sizes, color. cuts, etc. From there I develop my vision as to what I will create, what stones I will use, and a projection of what it will look like when I am done.

The knowledge is second. Do I know how to complete what I set out to do. That is where research either through my craft books or the internet steps in, or wonderful advice from my friends at 30 Minutes of FAME Forum.

So, I definitely use my imagination, filled in by my experience, and taken to the next level with knowledge from several factors.

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  1. so true. i love that quote. thank u for sharing this joday!...*